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Product simulation
Patient registration
Press registration button in customer management window and pop up the window of customer information registration.
Enter chart number, name, sex, birth date, solar/lunar calendar, height, weight and press confirm button, finishing registration.
If you want to modify the customer information, select from customer list, press modify button, and pop up the modification window. After modify customer information, press confirmation button, finishing modification.
Information on using the instrument
2-1 user guide for measurement
DMP-1000+ is an instrument for measuring pulse wave form. It is the most similar instrument to the way of manual measurement. Get patients to maintain a straight posture, and use a towel or a prop beneath patient's wrist the same way as oriental doctors diagnose patients.
2-2 Pulse stream display and preparation for sensor

The user and patients should have a convenient posture because the user has to change measuring position according to the computer's instructions, and the degree of pressure changes when needed.

When using sensors, the initial measuring point should be marked at first with pens. When measuring patient's left hand, user should hold the sensor with left hand, and be prepared to measure with thumb and index finger, touching the groove on the sensor.

2-3 Contacting sensors and searching pulse wave form
In case you change the information of the existing customers, select the customer on the customer list in the window of customer management and press Modify button. After you change the customer information, press Confirm button.
2-4 Measuring the degree of pressure

Once the position of pulse wave form is decided, user should measure the signal of pulse wave form, pressing sensor according to the degree of pressure. Both user and patient are not allowed to move or speak, because measuring signals can be cross talked with noises.

2-5 The completion of left hand measurement and right hand measurement

When the data measurement for left hand is completed, a message, "the measurement completed" will show up on the monitor, and move the sensor and get ready for measuring right hand, relaxing the left hand. Like the left hand, the measuring points are marked, pulse positions are searched to the order of measurement, and the pulse wave forms are measured by pressing sensor according to the degree of pressure.

2-6 measurement completed and the analysis of diagnostic information
Once the measurement for both hands is completed, the information is automatically transferred to the window of analysis, and the features of the patient's pulse are displayed on the screen and can be explained to the patient, before it is printed.