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Product simulation
Patient registration
By pressing chart registration button in the window of customer management, a pop-up window will show up for registering customer information.
Chart number, name, sex, birth date, birth time, height and weight are entered in the pop-up window. The registration will be completed by pressing confirm button.
In case you change the information of the existing customers, open the pop-up window of chart information search by pressing Chart search button. If you select the customer on the pop-up window of Chart information search, and close it by pressing Confirm button, the customer information will be displayed on the screen of customer management.
  A pop-up window for modifying customer information will show up by pressing Chart Modify button and complete modifying customer information.
Information on using the instrument
2-1 Inducement of patient to take a seat
Have the patient sit in front of DMP-3000 and look at the front with an angle of 45 degrees above. If possible have the patient on a seat which has a back and can be controlled up and down. As you see in the picture, try to lay the patient's left hand on the prop, because left hand should be measured first. Be sure to put the wrist on the same height as that of heart and make shoulders relaxed.
2-2 Preparation for measurement

The order of measurement is always from left to right, and Kwan, Chon and Chuck. Therefore, try to have the patient to take a posture for measuring left part of the body. If the patient's wrist is thin to be measured, adjust the height by towel, and if hands are too big to be set in the prop, use additional prop.

2-3 Pulse stream marking and robot stand-by
The robot in this system automatically searches the pulse waves and measures them. Mark the position which the sensor initially contacts(that is usually around the blood vessel) with a pen, and make the robot stand by until the sensor will be 1.5 cm away from the central point of measurement.
2-4 Measurement using measurement menu

Get the robot ready for measurement by controling it with mouse or keyboard. The robot system automatically searches the pulse waves and measures them by the menu of start measurement on the measurement window.

If patient moves, coughs, talks or sneezes at this time, noises may happen, causing errors in the course of searching pulse waves. Therefore, patients are advised not to move or talk.

2-5 left hand measurement completed and measurement for right hand

When the measurement for left hand is completed, a message "measurement completed" will show up, and the robot will fully raise up the sensor. Patients should maintain the same posture as while measuring.

When the robot finishes moving, user pull out the patient's arm and have the patient change posture for measuring right hand.


2-6 Get right hand ready and measurement:

The process for measuring right hand is the same as measuring left hand. Mark pulse stream with a pen, move the patient's wrist to the prop, maintain comfortable posture, and adjust the fine position by using key board or mouse, getting ready for measurement. And then, measure the pulse waves of right hand, using the menu, "start measurement". When the measurement is finished, user should place the sensor in the middle, turning the robot head with both hands. And, pull out the patient's hand from the prop.