DMP-1000+ DMP-3000 3D-MAC
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R & D
developed pulse medical engineering method 2008 
developed condensing lens type radiation meter under BI Joint development
research project with small and medium-sized company promotion institute
developed U-surveymeter under IT coopertive technology development project with the Institute of Information Technology Assessment
developed a solution of high blood pressure pulse oriental medical symptom under oriental medical treatment development project with Health Industry Development Institute
2006 Growth engine technology development project of the ministry of commerce, industry and energy, "Healthcare robot development project(Jointly with Korea production technology research institute)
2006 Reliability improvement project of parts and material institute, "a project of disorder analysis of pressure sensor of 3-dimensional pulse wave analyzer and the proliferation of test evaluation"
2006 Technology innovation development project of small and medium business office," the development of electromotive pressure pulse wave probe for measuring blood vessel status"
2006 Industrial competitiveness strengthening project of the ministry of information and communication, "The development of tonometry type mobile pulse wave analyzer"
2005 Designated for the technology development support project of industry-academy-oriented college, jointly with Korea electricity research institute, "Development of sensory signal treatment module and system for measuring multi-channel blood pulse wave"
2004 Designated as a business of oriental medical biofusion project of the ministry of health and welfare, jointly with Korea oriental medicine research institute, "Development of oriental medical diagnosis system"

Korea acupressure and meridian system association, "the development of surface area energy measuring system for oriental medicinal diagnosis"
Korea oriental medicine association,A Comparative Study of Methods of Measurement of Peripheral pulse Waveform, "Radial Pulse Type Changed by the Applied Pressure in Same Position"


Korea Electronics society, "the development of 3 channel pulse wave measurement system"

2005 The 12th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering
Quantification of the pulse pattern using the array diaphragm
piezoresistive pressure sensor"
2005 Daegu oriental medicinal symposium, " A experimental study on the features of the 13 old people's pulse wave
2005 Korea medical bio-engineering symposium, "A study on the analysis of traditional pulse diagnosis"
2004 The Korean society of medical informatics, Spring symposium
"A study of modernized objectification of oriental medicinal diagnosis - A study of analyzing technique of pulse wave extraction information"
2003 The periodical of Oriental medicinal pathology and physiology, "A base study for the modernized objectification of pulse diagnosis - contrastive study of mechanic measurement"



Blood pressure measurement technology

2004 Pulse wave analyzing method using array pressure sensor(registration No. 2004-0110231)
2004 Pulse wave measurement and analyzing method
(registration No. 2004-0059945)