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The pulse wave form analyzer by oriental medicine

3 dimensional wave form analyzer uses intelligent robot the first in Korea.
Oriental medicine consists of 4 basic diagnostic methods. The pulse wave diagnosis is mainly used in confirm step. The history of the pulse wave diagnosis dates back to Hwan Jae Nae Kyoung(Ү), meaning "the emperor's canon of medicine" about 2,000 years ago, and it has been developed according to the medical theories of each school. In order to develop the pulse wave diagnosis as modern medical instrument, our scientists have studied and finally invented 3-D MAC, 3 dimensional diagnosis analyzer. Furthermore, it will contribute to the proliferation of Korean traditional culture and national interest.
The technological background of 3D pulse wave form analyzer
[1] faithful to the principles of oriental medicine
- Based on the original text, the balance of whole body is checked by the general expression such as overlapped pulses, energy and depth, etc.
[2] Faithful to the traditional method
- Based traditional text book and clinical data

Physical analysis of various pulse shape and 3-dimensional pulse characteristic like pulse energy and pulse depth

[3] faithful to physical/physiological principles
- Hydromechanical interpretation of pulse form factors such as heart, blood vessel, and blood, preparing a basis of scientific excellence of oriental medical diagnosis.

preparing a basis of scientific excellence of oriental medical diagnosis.

The role of 3D pulse wave form analyzer
Pulse wave form diagnosis : extracting pulse wave form through array sensor
Pulse wave pattern analysis : 33 pulse wave patterns described in the classical literature
Pulse wave pattern diagnosis : a way of diagnosing the properties and conditions of pulse wave patterns