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Pulse waveform

a wave form generated by expansion and contraction of blood vessel through which blood flows through heart

The usage of pulse wave form analysis
Why is the pulse wave form analysis needed in addition to pulse wave form diagnosis?

Patients can be diagnosed only by pulse wave form analysis. The outstanding diagnostic area is cardio-vascular diseases. The table below is an area where clinical reports are active. 3D pulse wave form analyzer is sensitive to low frequency by using pulse wave form sensors and implements accurate pulse wave by way of tonometry measurement.     

Category Related Disease Etc


Heart Failure
Aterial Stiffness
Arterial function/Structure

lifestyle diseases

Effect of exercise
Renal Failure
Sleep Apnea



When pregnant, blood plasma and heart rate increase.

Same to Oriental Medicine
Pulse Diagnosis
Pulse Waveform

normal wave

() з
() з Primary Wave
ü Wave Peak

reflect wave

Ǹ ο Wave

Abnormal pulse waveform


The size of frequency, reflection wave and reaching time are distorted in abnormal state such as blood vessel hardening, systole, high blood pressure.