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The measurement method
[1] Tonometry
The basic principle of Tonometry measurement is that the pulse wave is proportionate to the interior pressure of artery when artery is partly compressed or pressed to the side of internal bone.
[2] This is developed to measure the blood pressure in the middle of radial artery that flows over the radius, and is a measurement method sensitive to regions.
- Patients' individual features such as blood pressure value and skin property, etc.
- It can be a useful tool for diagnosing blood pressure and cardiac & vascular diseases. This method is very similar to traditional pulse wave diagnosis, rather more accurate diagnosis than traditional pulse wave diagnosis.
[3] Applanation tonometry is also used to record blood pressure and pulse wave form. Pulse waveform consist of contraction wave and reflection wave, and if blood vessel is hardened, the waves become out of normal form.
Source : Recommendations for blood pressure measurement in human and Experimental animals,
Part 1: Blood pressure measurement in Humans. Pickering American Heart Association, Jan. 2005
3D pulse wave formpulse wave pattern analysis
[1] 3D pulse wave form analysis
- pulse wave form is measured by searching the accurate source of pulse wave. The tension of blood vessel and pulse volume is provided by measuring the volume change by pulse.
[2] 3D pulse wave pattern analysis
- The width or length of pulse, pulsation moves. The change of pulsation can be analyzed according to depth.
- 3 dimensional pulse wave patterns that are felt only by the finger-tips of oriental doctors can be delivered to patients.
- 3 dimensional information can be provided through video files. It enhances patients' understanding, and the treatment is improved.
Array sensor
The accurate position of 2mm-sized radial artery that is hard to be found by single sensor can be searched by array sensor. Pulse wave form from different pressures such as Floating, Middle and Sinking
can be extracted at the points of Chon, Kwan and Chuck by using array sensor
- This is a very delicate sensor and it was developed to measure the blood pressure in the middle of radial artery that flows over the radius.
- As a consideration for diagnosing patients, both the degree of pressure and pulse wave pressure can be measured according to patients.
- Major parts of pulse wave form diagnosis such as 2 dimensional pulse wave form, 3 dimensional pulse wave form, the width and the length of pulse wave form, flowing pulse shape and standing pulse shape, the distribution of pulse wave pressure can be observed. All the functions that were impossible to be implemented with the previous instrument can be implemented with our pulse wave analyzer(The existing pulse wave analyzer implemented only 2 dimensional pulse wave).
- physical constitution can be distinguished through array analysis of pulse wave signals.
- Reproducibility as medical instrument is secured by acquiring multi-channel signals.
Robot arm
The robot arm accurately searches the pulsation assumed by array sensor. This is a system that searches the position of pulsation with excellent performance of error rate less than 2%:
- Robot arm of 0.2mm precision is used, advancing from human hand's sense.
- Reproducibility of measuring signals is secured by intelligent automatic blood vessel tracking that searches accurate position, reflecting the individual difference of blood vessel position.
- delicate change of human finger-tips cane be detected by diagnosing the change of accurate pressure.